Whole Life Insurance
Child Life & Health Duo

Product description and characteristics

The Child Life & Health Duo is hybrid coverage that offers a practical solution to parents who want to insure their children and cover their critical illness insurance needs at an affordable cost.

When a child is stricken with a critical illness, the Child Life & Health Duo provides parents with the financial support they need to stay at the child’s side and assume the resulting expenses.

This whole life insurance product accelerates payment of 50% of the face amount in case of critical illness before age 30.

The critical illness portion can be converted to permanent critical illness between age 18 and 30 without medical proof.

The Child Life & Health Duo also offers:

  • Integrated GI to increase the face amount even if a critical illness diagnosis was previously made

Individuals or families who want:

  • Children from age 0 to 20
For more information about available riders and benefits for this product, please consult the Summary Table of Riders and Additional Benefits.