Universal Life Insurance

Description and product features

EquiBuild is a one-of-a-kind universal life insurance product. Its unique design allows the accumulation of cash surrender values that your client can use when the time comes. These cash surrender values are guaranteed and begin to accumulate as soon as the policy is issued.

The addition of paid-up insurance to EquiBuild is another interesting feature. Each year, your client can buy paid-up insurance by paying an additional premium. This advantage guarantees your client a higher death benefit than provided by the initial coverage, since the additional insurance increases the death benefit thereby increasing the cash surrender values.

One of the key attributes of EquiBuild is its bonus: EquiBuild Bonus. Directly related to the return on the EquiBuild Fund, this bonus contributes to growing the two components of the policy: the cash surrender values and the death benefit.

  • Permanent life insurance with premiums that will never increase
  • Continued growth in face amount to leave more to heirs with no increase in premiums
  • Continued growth in cash surrender values, which can be used to supplement retirement income or meet other financial goals
  • Investment options with very low management fees to promote greater asset growth
  • EquiBuild Account providing stable returns with low volatility
  • Account allowing insurance costs to be covered through a single deposit
  • No policy fees
  • Individuals or families
  • Young professionals
  • Upper income earners
  • Corporations
For more information about available riders and benefits for this product, please consult the Summary Table of Riders and Additional Benefits .

EquiBuild with integrated coverage

EquiBuild with Integrated Coverage offers your clients the addition of 10- or 20-year integrated coverage. Integrated Coverage helps to grow the death benefit in the first few years of the policy and is then adjusted to the basic death benefit. Clever allocation of coverage (EquiBuild and Integrated Coverage) allows us to offer a higher face amount in the first few years of the policy without raising the premium.

EquiBuild 15-year Payment

Equibuild 15-year Payment allows clients to pay up the policy earlier thanks to guaranteed, level accelerated payments. Made to mirror life as the growth of the death benefit evolves with the increasing needs of young children and adults.

Equibuild 15-year Payment allows your clients to rapidly accumulate cash surrender values, considerably grow the death benefit and maximize the annual bonus.