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July 22, 2019
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Simplified Issue Life Insurance
Access Life

Product description and characteristics

Access Life is a simplified issue life insurance product for insureds between 6 months and 80 years of age who are more difficult to insure. By answering a few simple medical questions, clients can get permanent or 20-year term coverage of up to $300,000 depending on their health. Clients who have already been refused or who don’t qualify for the Deferred step due to their health can still get Guaranteed Access coverage of up to $25,000, or $10,000 for children under age 18.

This simplified issue life insurance offers:

  • Access to permanent, renewable term or combined coverage
  • Competitive, guaranteed, fixed premiums for the entire term
  • Attractive surrender values
  • Clients who have previously been refused for medical or other reasons.
  • Older clients who worry about being denied because of their age or health.
  • Children with particular health concerns.
  • Newly arrived immigrants who worry they won’t qualify with standard underwriting.

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