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July 22, 2019
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Reset of the death benefit guarantee in Series 75/100

Resets are a key advantage for protecting investment funds when markets fluctuate.

  • Despite market fluctuations, the value of the capital invested is protected and can only increase!
  • At the time of death, the amount paid to the beneficiary(ies) is the greater of the fund’s market value and the value of the guarantee after resets.
  • The Series 75/100 offers the option of one reset per calendar year until the client reaches age 80.

See how the reset proves its true worth

For example:
  • In 2003, Peter, 64, made an initial deposit of $50,000 in the Fidelity European Equity Fund of Series 75/100.
  • His advisor did a reset to crystallize his gains each year in which it was favourable.
If Peter were to die in 2012,
  • $93,500 would be paid to his spouse (designated beneficiary), i.e. the amount of the last reset in 2007, and a significant difference of $21,500 compared to the market value of the fund at that time ($72,000).



Maximize the potential of the 100% death benefit guarantee with the simple and versatile electronic reset tool.

A quick process to crystallize client gains on a current-date discretionary basis or by programming an annual frequency for:

  • A single contract (tool accessible through the client's contract Guarantees page in the Advisor Centre)
  • For many contracts at a time (through the My Tools and Applications menu in the Advisor Centre)

Furthermore, a personalized reset confirmation is sent to the client.

Series 75/100 death guarantee reset:
  • Meets wealth protection needs by crystallizing gains when markets rise, while maintaining those gains when markets fall.
  • Provides capital protection without compromising desired growth.
  • Offers the flexibility to be performed annually on a discretionary or automated basis depending on the client's needs.
  • Is a unique segregated fund advantage that allows your client to leave more to their loved ones in the event of death.
The Series 75/100 is intended for, among others:
  • Anyone wishing to leave behind a legacy for their loved ones and who wants to avoid a long, costly and stressful death settlement period for them.
  • Clients who are more sensitive to market fluctuations or who wish to safeguard themselves with coverage in case of non-insurability.
  • To anyone aiming for security without compromising capital growth.

Tool location:

  • Individual contract: accessible through a client's contract guarantees page
  • Multiple contracts: accessible through the My Tools and Applications menu in the Advisor Centre

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