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June 19, 2019
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Prestige Preferential Pricing

Product description and characteristics

The Prestige preferential pricing recognizes the savings efforts of clients reaching the required asset threshold of $300,000 by granting them a reduction on management fees. This fee reduction applies to all the segregated funds offered in the Classic Series 75/75 and Series 75/100 of the iAG Savings and Retirement Program as well as in the My Education+ product and can reach up to 0.61% depending on the selected fund.

It is possible for your clients to have access to this fee reduction individually or with the help of a grouping.

With your help, your client will be able to create a family grouping which will enable his or her assets to be combined to those of relatives residing with him or her to reach the required threshold more easily. In addition, it will be possible to share this advantage with other members of the extended family, regardless of their asset level and place of residence.

An intuitive electronic tool is available to you with which it is possible to create a family grouping in less than 3 minutes, without having to go anywhere. Watch this demonstration for more information.

For more information on how the eligibility to the Prestige preferential pricing works and how to create a grouping, consult the Prestige reference document for advisors (F13-994A).

The Prestige preferential pricing will help your clients to maximize the growth of their wealth while benefitting from the numerous advantages offered by segregated funds.

In addition to a significant fee reduction, your clients can share this advantage with their extended family regardless of their asset level and place of residence.

The Prestige preferential pricing is intended for, among others:

  • iA Financial Group clients with an asset level higher or equal to $300,000 individually or through a family grouping.
  • Any person who has a family tie with a Prestige grouping owner.
  • Shareholders designated in the company resolution of a company that is an iA applicant. Shareholders may use 100% of the assets in the corporate contract to more easily reach the Prestige preferential pricing threshold.
  • Any person interested by the advantages of segregated funds with an asset level likely to make him or her eligible individually or through a family grouping.

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