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September 22, 2019
Individual Insurance, Savings and Retirement Individual Insurance, Savings and Retirement

EVO is the all-new accelerated application process that allows you to save time due to its ease of use. EVO allows you to confirm acceptance at the point of sale for almost half of your clients, for all life insurance, critical illness and disability products.

EVO offers several distinct advantages:

  • A streamlined sales process that is intuitive, adapted and instantaneous
  • Customized underwriting that is perfectly adapted to the state of health of your clients
  • Simplified medical questions and terms make applying even easier for your clients
  • A faster application process that allows you to spend more time advising your clients

  1. Allows you to save time, thanks to it’s ease of use
  2. Simpler medical questions and terms
  3. Custom underwriting, perfectly adapted to the client’s state of health
  4. Faster application process and turnaround time
  5. Instant acceptance at the point of sale for almost half of your clients
  • EVO is accessible via the Interface Suite
  • You do not need an internet connection to use EVO – only at the time of transfer. You must have access to the secure Advisor Centre and have a valid access code in order to submit the application.
  • EVO must be completed with the client since the Declaration of Insurability consists of reflexive questions. Based on your client’s responses, EVO adapts its questions to the personal state of health of the client.
  • The electronic signature process is a secure and practical tool.
  • Electronic signature ensures a high level of confidentiality since it is accessible only through a secure mode of authenticity and must adhere to industry requirements. It has the same legal value as a handwritten signature.
  • Electronic signature can be used in-person or remotely, therefore you can receive a signature from your clients right from the office.
  • Electronic signature is not mandatory to use EVO or to receive instant acceptance
  • The electronic signature process can be completed on all electronic devices and is compatible with both Apple and Android products.

Good to know...

Access EVO by downloading the newest version of the Interface Suite.

Access EVO Electronic Changes via the Electronic Transactions tab

Watch the training video and explore EVO using "demo mode" in the illustration tool.

Secure access